Hi, I’m Rob 👋

I’m a multidisciplinary designer and researcher with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for creating experiences that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together.


The content and scope of my projects are as varied and exciting as my skills and interests. I’ve conducted user research, developed insights to inform business strategy, prototyped and piloted future product, service, and venture offerings, defined product requirements, led design teams, facilitated workshops and collaborative sessions, presented to executives, and more!


Below are a few examples of recent projects. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of my work, detailed content is available by request only.

Concept 2B.png

Exploration into how a new micromobility form factor can invite new riders to the service, while also delivering value to existing riders.

Workshop 2B.png

Series of community workshops and prototyping sessions to identify opportunities to make scooter services more equitable.


Live pilot to uncover how customer behaviors around delivery services change when given the option to choose how, when, where they want to receive their items.

Strategy 2.png

Investigation of how a human centered, autonomous moving goods service might operate and strategic evaluation of the associated business implications.

Prototyping sprint to identify how the architecture of a future vehicle platform can facilitate a variety of compelling experiences and service opportunities throughout the lifecycle of the product.


Qualitative study of how people in urban environments complete daily tasks that include the movement of goods to understand customer expectations.

Proof of Concept.jpg

Proof of concept prototype to demonstrate the potential application of blockchain and IoT technologies in addressing counterfeit automotive parts.

Van Screen

Design experiments to study the impact of contextually relevant, in-vehicle content and service offers on customer perceptions of commuter shuttles.


Highly collaborative by nature, I have years of experience working on cross functional teams to tackle complex and ambiguous challenges, with a

human centered focus.


I have deep expertise in design thinking methods, with domain knowledge in mobility services, autonomy, and emerging technology. I thrive in the magical intersection of these four domains:

Design Research

Design Strategy

Product Design

Service Design


I have experience leading and collaborating with a wide variety of disciplines and personalities. I’ve partnered with product, engineering, business strategy, and operations teams at the following organizations:



Ford Motor Company






California College of the Arts

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